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A quick overview of Datapeople's in-app reports and analytics


Datapeople offers a comprehensive recruiting analytics suite to help you better understand your candidate pipeline and make sense of the data in your ATS.


Here are the available reports:

  • Recruiting Performance - Shows your hiring funnel statistics for a given time period, filterable by job type or department, experience level, location, and more. It also displays your average Job Score so you can grasp the “why” behind what’s happening.

Recruiting Performance
  • Weekly Snapshot - Provides a complete look at your published job posts, including numerous attributes for each, such as score, days live, and issues with the title or content. The Weekly Snapshot can be downloaded to a CSV file so you can customize or load it into other HR analytics platforms.

Weekly Snapshot
  • Content Snapshot - Shows the state of content across all of your open jobs. This filterable weekly dashboard highlights opportunities to improve the visibility, clarity, and inclusiveness of your job posts.

Content Snapshot
  • Language Snapshot - Illuminates patterns of commendable or problematic word choice across all of your open jobs in a given week. This filterable weekly dashboard highlights how the words and expressions you use most impact the size, quality, and diversity of your candidate pool – and helps you identify specific areas for improvement.

Language Snapsho
  • Platform Usage - Shows editing activity and trends for a given time period so you can monitor adoption across your team and learn how all of your efforts are affecting your Job Scores. 


Reports and Analytics available with most ATS integrations:

  • Source Performance - (available in-app with ATS integration) Displays candidate source and hiring stage data, filterable by job type or department, experience level, location, and more. The Source Performance report organizes your unwieldy ATS data so you can instantly understand how applicants are entering your funnel and which sources produce qualified candidates and hires at the rate you need. 

Source Performance
  • Pipeline Health Meter - (available in-app with ATS integration) Tells you how each of your live job posts is performing. For every open job, the Pipeline Health Meter not only offers candidate source and hiring stage data but indicates whether your job post is attracting enough organic, qualified, and female applicants. 

Pipeline Health Meter