Explore Datapeople's Weekly Snapshot

The Weekly Snapshot is a birds-eye view of your open jobs

Weekly Snapshot

The Weekly Snapshot allows you to view the content and language status of your open jobs to identify and solve issues known to impact the fairness of your recruiting process.

The default view for this report displays the week prior. Click the date picker at the top of the report to look further back.

To export this list to a spreadsheet, simply click the “Download” icon near the top-right, just below your "Account" menu.


Metrics Tracked

The metrics tracked in the Weekly Snapshot include:

  • Basic job information, including title, location, and department.

  • Important content information: Understand if jobs are missing perks, reporting structure, or the diversity statement, or if they have titles that need to be addressed.

  • Average Days Live: This is the average number of days your published job listings have been live.

  • Total Revisions: This is the total number of revisions that have been made on each job post.

Integrated accounts can also see the following:

  • Req ID: The matching job identifier from the ATS.

  • Recruiter: The name of any recruiter assigned to the job in the ATS.

  • Applicants: The total number of applicants to date.