Create a Template

Use templates to standardize the structure and content of your job posts.

Datapeople's templates help admins ensure that all job posts throughout the company are consistent and on-brand. With Templates, you can lock in essential, up-to-date content and language and leave guidelines and placeholders for users. You can also build and organize templates for different types of jobs – whether by department, office location, or another distinction – so any hiring team can get a head start with a standardized, optimized partial draft. Only Admin users can create and edit templates.

Create a new template

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  1. On the "Account" menu, click "Templates"

  2. Click "New Template"

  3. Name your Template, and click "Create Template"

  4. Define and categorize the content in this template.

Add Content
To add sections, click the "+" in the middle of your template or press [Enter/Return] on your keyboard, then click the label that best describes the content you will be adding in this section.

CreateaTemplate-Add Block-1

Be sure the text block you're working in matches the type of text you would like to add (header, paragraph, or list). You can toggle the format using the button on the top left of the block you are editing.

CreateaTemplate - Change Block Type

Locking content

In the top right corner of each section is a lock icon. Hover over it and click to toggle between the 2 lock options:

  • Unlocked: Users will be able to edit both the position of this section and its content, in any job using this template.

  • Content Locked: Users will not be able to delete or change the content in this text block, but can move its position
Content Lock

Once your content and locks are final, you and your team can use this template on any new Datapeople Draft.

You may create as many templates as you need - for different job types, teams, or geographies that may have unique content.

All users in your account have access to use any template you create.