Using the Datapeople Chrome Extension with Greenhouse

How to import and edit your existing jobs in Datapeople



1) Navigate to Greenhouse. On the top right menu, click the add button (+) and select "Create a Job."

2) Choose whether you want to "Copy an Existing Job" or start fresh by selecting "Blank Job." Next, complete the required steps including Job Info, Scorecard, Interview Plan, and Hiring Team.

3) Once you've reached the Job Post section, a purple Datapeople logo will appear next to the job name field that will allow you to access your Datapeople draft jobs.

If you don't see the Datapeople logo on the page in Greenhouse, please be sure you have installed the Datapeople Chrome extension.

  • To import an existing draft job: Click the Datapeople logo next to the job name field, select a draft job from the dropdown list, and click "Import from Datapeople"

  • To create a new draft job: Click the blue checkmark in the job name field and click "New Draft"

4) To edit the job description, simply click the "Edit" button where applicable, and the Datapeople editor will appear.

5) Make edits in the Datapeople editor and click "Close" to return to the job posting in Greenhouse. Any changes will automatically sync, and the job score will update.