Datapeople Editor: Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can reduce your time spent editing and formatting

Based on your operating system, you will use either the Control (CTRL) key for Windows or the Command (CMD) key for Mac


Editing Shortcuts:

CTRL/CMD + Z  - Undo the last action

CTRL/CMD + Shift + Z - Redo the last action

Delete/Backspace - Remove selected block(s)

CTRL/CMD + A - Select everything in the selected block

CTRL/CMD + A + A - Select all text in the editor

Shift + Arrow Key(s) - Change block selection

Esc - Clear selection

CTRL/CMD + C - Copy selection

CTRL/CMD + V - Paste selection into block


Formatting Shortcuts:

Tab - Indent text

Shift + Tab - De-indent text

CTRL/CMD + B - Bold text

CTRL/CMD + I - Italicize text

CTRL/CMD + U - Underline text