What is a private vs. public draft?

If you don't want others to view or edit your job posting - you can mark it as "private"

A public draft is available for viewing or editing by any of your colleagues who use Datapeople.

A private draft is visible only to you and anyone you invite to collaborate on this job directly.
Private drafts will not appear in reports, and admins on your team cannot see your private drafts.

You can set a job to Public or Private by using the toggle when creating your draft:

write a job

You may also change this setting at any time by navigating to the job in Datapeople and toggling

between Public/Private just above the job's title:

private switch

If you've previously shared this job with other users for editing and you toggle it to Private, you will be given the option to make the job "Private to Me," revoking other users' access, or "Private to Us," retaining other users' access.