Overview: Editing your jobs on Datapeople

Collaborate with others to optimize jobs for the local candidate marketplace and attract qualified, diverse candidate pools.

Datapeople is here to help you attract the most qualified candidates from the widest possible talent pool for every position you fill.

Why are job posts important?

A job post is a vital foundational element of any recruiting process. It’s the main way you'll connect with job seekers and get them to apply to your job.

Even if your company has a wonderful careers page that accurately conveys your culture, there’s no guarantee that candidates see it. Nowadays, they're often interacting with your job post on a third-party site like Indeed or LinkedIn. So the way you write your job post is critical to its success.

Too often, hiring teams forget to put their best foot forward, writing job posts that are internally focused and loaded with phrases and concepts that only insiders can understand. They can be impersonal, bureaucratic-sounding, lengthy, and generally unappealing.

Job posts are windows into our organizations, and it’s well past time for us to look at them from the candidate's perspective.

Datapeople is here to help!

Your team has chosen Datapeople to help you write clear, inclusive job posts.

With just 5-10 extra minutes of work on your job in Datapeople, you'll create a clearer and more broadly appealing job post that results in a more qualified and naturally diverse candidate pool. (Additionally, more qualified candidates also typically means improved recruiting metrics, like a reduction in time-to-hire.)

Beyond helping you hire more effectively, Datapeople will help you hire more efficiently:

  1. Collaborative job library: Skip the email (or Word/Google Doc) back-and-forths about job posts with your hiring team collaborators. Instead, work together on an interactive document, review guidance together, and keep all job content history in one platform for perpetuity. You can even check out a Similar Jobs feature that shows you other jobs similar to yours in the local marketplace.
  2. Data-backed guidance: Instead of operating on instinct and anecdotal evidence, Datapeople will help you optimize jobs based on millions of pieces of real-world recruiting outcomes data. Datapeople has analyzed more than 30 million recent job posts. We have amassed more than 6 years' worth of insight into candidate search behavior and recruiting outcomes.
  3. Easy workflow: Using Datapeople, you don’t have to chase down your team's latest style guides and standard company text. Things like perks and diversity statements already live in templates within Datapeople. Whenever you’re ready to start a new job description, you can do it right on the platform. You can also start by duplicating existing job content that lives in Datapeople, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.
  4. Interactive experience: Datapeople displays an interactive score (out of 100, but the goal is 85+) that changes as you edit your job. There's also a dynamic Inclusion Meter that lets you know when you can be more clear and broadly welcoming to all candidates.
  5. Analytics at your fingertips: See important analytics about your roles in-app! From a weekly Job Health report to visual Content and Language graphs, there's a lot to learn about the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to your team's job posts. 

Let's get started!

Put your best foot forward and start writing candidate-first job posts in Datapeople today.

If you want some additional reading on where to start, visit 5 Tips for Getting Started with Datapeople's Smart Editor.

Happy Editing!

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