Greenhouse Integrated Account Settings

Datapeople provides custom filters and user permissions for accounts integrated with Greenhouse.

In a Greenhouse-integrated Datapeople account, there are some key settings your administrator can control.

Reminder: Your administrators in Datapeople are any users who are Site Admins in Greenhouse. Only Greenhouse Site Admins will be able to view and change the Datapeople settings outlined here.

User roles

By default, any user who has permissions to edit a job post in Greenhouse has permissions to edit and sync the corresponding job description in Datapeople. However, you can toggle that permission 'off' in Datapeople for any of your custom Greenhouse user roles here.

Custom fields

You can use your custom Greenhouse fields to filter your job library pages or any of your analytics within Datapeople.

By default, none of the Greenhouse custom fields are available as filters. However, you can simply toggle "on" any you wish to include here.

Note: If you toggle a custom field on, it will be turned on for all users.

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