Apply a Template

Apply templates to existing job posts to ensure they are consistent and on-brand

Your team's admins have set up templates so you can get a head start with a standardized, optimized partial draft when writing a new job post. You can also apply these templates to existing job posts, which already have content included.

Apply a template

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 8.43.39 AM
  1. In the "Job" menu, click "Apply Template"

  2. Select the template you wish to apply.

  3. Click "Apply Template"

Side-by-side View

You will now see a side-by-side editor with your original job post (on the left) and your new templated post (on the right).

  1. Copy content you wish to keep from the left side and paste it into your new post on the right.
  2. Once done, click "Apply" and you will land on your new job post, complete with all Datapeople's content and language guidance.


Want to undo applying a template? No problem! Simply use your job's revision history to bring back the previous version of this job you were working on.